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10 Generations in Israel - Unique Israeli Story: 

The founding father of my family came to the land of Israel in 1811 to reestablish the Askenazi Jewish community in Jerusalem. He was murdered brutally, in an antisemitic act, and on his death bed, commanded his children to never leave the country, no matter how hard things get. I read all about it in a book my father gave me, documenting the generations of the family. 

10 generations later, my family and I are still here, witnessing Israel on all its glory and great challenges combined. Like the founding father of our family, I wander, in and out of Israel, spending my days talking about it. I touch every topic, with a strong faith that nothing is off the table and that only with a truthful and honest discussion, we can hope to ever see a real change for the better. 

So Who Am I? 

I’m an experienced public speaker, content creator and government certified tour guide.

I travel Israel and the world talking about this region and its complexities. 
As The Wandering Jewess, I see my mission in storytelling and question-asking.

My aim is to address the hard questions about Judaism and Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

My work is focused on creating quality content, finding 'the cracks in the wall' of preconceived opinions, and encouraging a healthy and honest discussion. 

I offer a fascinating selection of talks and tours about Israel and Judaism, pre-made or tailor-made for the specific interests of the audience. 

I have much to offer and much more to learn. I look forward to meeting you, hear your story and share mine. 

So I'm Shakked, The Wandering Jewess. Let's talk Israel. 



Israel Studies & Antisemitism

  • Oxford University Certified, for Curriculum Development in Critical Antisemitism Studies. 

  • MA in Israel Studies, University of Haifa – Focusing on Current Antisemitism & De-Legitimization of Israel.

  • BA in Israel Studies, University of Haifa.

  • Tour Educator Certification, Taglit Institution for Tour Education. 

  • Licensed Tour Guide, Israeli School of Tourism, Haifa University.


My congregation absolutely loved your talk. They are all very impressed with you and your knowledge.

It took me hours to get back home, as most of the people stayed after service to say how much they enjoyed the Q&A time with you. Thank you so much!

Rev. R. L. Stivala, MD





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