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Head of Content / Writer

Rooted in Israel with a passion for stories and everything Jewish, Shakked made Israel-story-telling her main occupation. 
With years of experience approaching diverse crowds and a pinpoint focus on current Antisemitism, she finds creative ways to bring the complex Israeli reality, on all its beauty, to the front of the stage. 
With a strong faith in the goodness and kindness of people, Shakked founded "Right in the Middle Productions" to fulfill her mission: Building a sanity bridge between Israel and the rest of the world. 

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Cinematographer / Director

Creator of several award-winning projects in festivals around the world, Gabriel's latest projects are "To Be A Child Again"  and "Shalva". Originally from Mexico, Gabriel graduated from Emerson College and made Israel his home.


Director / Writer

Drew is a director, writer, producer, and editor based between the United States and Israel. Spanning narrative & documentary film, TV, music videos, and commercials; Drew's work has received awards, nominations, and over 17 million views.



Based in America, Seth is the writer of articles, books, and scripts. He specializes in human interest and his stories capture truths that have been lost in current common narratives. His latest book "Fate of the Firelight", was published in October 2020.



A graduate of Music Composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, Guy didn’t let his visual impairment stop him from becoming a musician. In spite of his disability, Guy is a member of the world-renowned "Shalva Band" and a well-known musician in Israel

Team: Team Members
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